Y its happen 2 me?

karmanyewa-dhikaraste ma faleshu kada-chana

ma karamfalhetu-bhurma te sango-astukarmni

Bhagwad Geeta(2;47)

you have to do your karma only. why you are waiting for result, why you think this have to be happen to you, that have to happen to you
brother do your karma/ your duty.whenever we are in problem then we go to GOD, otherwise we forget him, in trouble  we said why this happen  to me only,we don’t want to fight with circumstances, we are not brave, we want success without pain and hard labour .
finally. we have to do our duty, our responsibility, in any situation don’t blame on GOD , just be honest to your job/duty/responsibility, then u surely get what u deserve, but have patience and always do your duty,without any question, only faith , faith on God almighty.
hare Krishna
my first blog in wordpress short n simple

4 thoughts on “Y its happen 2 me?

  1. hii vishal ….aap hi nahi aapke jaise hajaaro log yahi sochte hai ki kerm kero or phal ki chinta…………….pehle main bhi aisa sochti thi….. but now i have seen the guys who did always did they were suffering and the people who are always wrong they were quite njoying there lives.. like political persons and murderers…and alot …. i know a boy of 10 who is suffering with paralysis and a gal who always want to mother after having achild she was suffering with a fatel desease…they haven’t did wrog…but still suffering lagta hai aaj ke is brastachari maahol me bhagvaan ne bhi kerm ki paribhasha badal di hai… as per i thought…

    • hmmmm!
      aesa nahi hai. kabhi kabhi hamre ghaw may dard kafi bad may hota hai, kabhi kabhi chout lag jane ke kafi bad dard hota hai
      to yehi lofe hai, aaj karm ya duty karenge to fal aaj kaha milna hai
      fal ya result to time pe milega, aur dukh ya sukh to jeewn may aana jana hai, meri apni zindagi likhu to 100 may 100 log ro pade, baut main rou ya kal ke liye ladu
      ofcorse aaj kharab hai
      but aaj agar main rounga to kal bhi kharab kar dunga
      ma na ban pana ya lakwa marna bhut badi dard hai, magar himmat aur aash chor dena bahut badi har
      dard ko apnaye,,,,haaar ko nahi

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