72 hour (why this colaveri colaveri colaveri di….)

72 hour                                                                                                                                                Mamta di give ultimatum to congress government against retail Fdi. 72 hour ultimatum, A fake ultimatum for cheap publicity stunt by trinmul congress (sister concern of congress), according to arvind kejriwal- if mamta di dnt like dizel prizes hike & fdi then why not she withdrew his support, or why she is not giving  discount in taxes for the people of Bengal, its all about politics mam!

What is FDI?-                                                                                                                                          Foreign direct investment (FDI) is investment directly into production in a country by a company located in another country, either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. Foreign direct investment is done for many reasons including to take advantage of cheaper wages in the country.


FDI in retail and Aviation industry(HISTORY IN INDIA) –in 1991, Subramanian  Swamy  the President of the Janata Party  actively supported FDI in retail and WTO since he was commerce and law minister in Chandra Shekhar`s government.He called Swadeshi people bogus.

Yaswant sinha (bjp) and jaswant singh (bjp) speak for Fdi in vajpeyi government in 2002-3, the bjp wrote this in his manifesto in 2004,

Akhilesh in favour of FDI in retail?-Contrary to his father Mulayam Singh Yadav’s view, Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav said his party would support Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in multi-brand retail if it benefitted farmers and the manufacturing sector in India

Retail FDI- the state government have full right to dnt give permission to wall mart or other supermarket sector of foreign chains  to open any mall in his state. So why all opposition is against Fdi, if they dnt like Fdi in retail then dnt give permisson to fdi.

Aviation industry- The government has decided to allow foreign airlines to buy stakes of up to 49 per cent in local carriers, it is a much-awaited policy move that provides a potential lifeline to the country’s debt-laden airlines by opening up a fresh source of funding. Kingfisher and other Airlines are now so happy coz they got sanjeeveni , and after Aviation industry fdi the air fair may be cheaper,

Welcoming wall mart or other supermarket sector to foreign chains is not a big problem, they all believe in MSP  (Minimum Support Price ) so they give us many products in cheaper rate, in more then 100 country  fdi in retail is running sucsessfully,

and finally-Dear friends it up to us where we have to go for purchase, if u dnt like mega mall or foreign mall then you may go to your kirayana store, whts a problem?

 so in my words fdi is not an issue, political party need any contravercy to make an issue and start a movement against government so they are doing their job, and we have to do our job
dnt forget we have the power of vote, if we dnt like anything then vote against government,                         finally- why this colaveri colavery colavery di…………………………………


2 thoughts on “72 hour (why this colaveri colaveri colaveri di….)

    • kya kuch bhi?
      fdi ka suport kar raha hu, kyu na karu?. akhilesh yadav,2012 may, 1991 may swamiji, aur 2002-3 may yaswant ji aur jaswant ji ne kiya tha, congress ne tab virodh kiya tha, ab bjp virodh kar rahi hai, ye bat apko samjhna hoga,
      fdi se gareebo kisano ya khudra vikreta ko koi nuksann nahi,
      pehla bat to-fdi lagu krna state goverment k upar hai
      2-10 lakh se upar wale sehar mey hi super market ya mall khulega,
      3- bharat ke 75 % se jayada log agle 20 sal tak mall ya super market se 10 km door rahenge, aur aap ya ham 10 km door nahi jayenge khudra kharidari krne
      4- 25 k se jayada job milega
      5-kai band hone ke kagar wali com ko rahat aut investment milega

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