Burfi for oscers and man mohak ji

Burfi is a traditional Indian dessert that comes in several varieties all with different tastes & textures

now , Barfi and kahani is shortlisted among 11 hindi movie and 6 regional films for category of Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year, for me Barfi and kahani is the best possible choice for this,and finally ‘Barfi’ has been nominated as India’s entry in the category of Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars awards this year. Yupii!!!                                                                                                                                           The film is a moving tale about a deaf-mute boy nd an autistic girl. The film is directed by Anurag Basu, starring Ranbir Kapoor actress Ileana  D’Cruz  and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles has a sensible approach towards differently abled people, the film revolves around a happy-go-lucky Barfii played by Ranbir as he goes through love and heartbreak. Actress priyanka chopra play an autistic girl in the film, which also marks the debut  Ileana D’Cruze (Southern star)


The movie touchs viewers and critics heart, and finally get his best rewards ,now we all waiting for oscer award,

what a coincidence i m trying to write about movie barfi and the inspiration of this movie today, i personally think that Anurag Basu (Director) thought about our great leader shri man mohak ji and he inspired to direct a dumb n deaf movie, and what a great co-incidence again ….. today barfi getting attention from  the Film Federation of India and nominated to oscar ,in the same time our great leader is getting attention from a guy santosh suman ( who protested against the Prime Minister at a conference in Delhi) and nominated for next day news paper head line, smhow i think that is a cheap publicity stunt by that guy, and i criticize  this, i think this men santosh didnt representing common men(he is already punished (1 lakh rs)by high court to launch a case against pm),
ok!! All‘s Well That Ends Well

Go Barfi Go ! for Oscars. The world will love it

note- plz take it lightly. , image taken by times of india


2 thoughts on “Burfi for oscers and man mohak ji

    • tnx frnds
      i want to say that,m writing about barfi and the inspiration of barfi mr. man mohak ji, but when i finshd my post then i came to knw about the final selection of barfi for oscer , so i hav to cange lots of things in my post,so this post is nt really really my post what i want to write,

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