Vasant Dhoble, the real “SINGHAM”

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Vasant Dhoble has been transferred out of the Social Service branch of the Mumbai Police. Mr Dhoble will now be the ACP of Vakola division in western suburban Mumbai 16 sep 2012.


Arun patnayak former commissioner  of Mumbai police supports mr. dhoble for his brave and fearless working  culture, many of us are not happy with Mr. Dhoble ,Mr. Vasant dhoble  ACP, head of Mumbai police social service branch  Has been in the news of late nights party Raids on city bars and pubs,he striking terror in the heart of those who out for extra masti or fun in late nights,many of news papper and news channel are against dhoble and some political party’s also giving statements against mr. dhoble, i see some group is protesting against mr. dhoble


but remember there are also many people who supports mr, dhoble for his brave works against bar and pubs raids, coz after this raids bar and pubs following the rule of city and the guys who came their for axtra fun and adventures are also get feared of dhoble, the people who lived near big bar and pubs are showing supports for mr. dhoble for his work, every body knows in late night party’s most of the teenager’s use drugs and wine for fun and prostitution is also a big problem in late night party’s, and this is against law and society , so some one have to stop this nonsense , so dhoble is!


Mr .dhoble is involved in 550 raids and 5000 arrests in 17 months including  rescued 37 Mumbai-based bar girls who were about to board a flight to Dubai from Delhi. I personally not agree wid his working culture, like walking with hocky stick and using abused to illegle late night party lovers , but I accept he is real Singham,

Dhoble did this wid a camera & wid hockey stick, striking terror in the hearts of joints that flouted the  LAW with impunity,  thanks to their connections to government & other political party’s , and Finally ,    the controversies grew to such an extant , that towards the end of Mr. Patnaik’s tenure as a police commissioner  of Mumbai, the number of raids dropped & Mr. Dhoble had turned his attention to the problem of child labour, in India child labour is a very big problem.   

Dhoble said-“ Mine is a transeferrable job, every assignment is important to me, Duty is duty after all” 

we miss you Dhouble is a banner , i saw today in a Tv news channel , thats why i wrote today about Mr. dhouble , the real Singham (tiger heart men)

note-all the snaps is taken by goggle only, so i dnt have any copyright


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