Raam a Global development currency at Holland ( राम एक वैश्विक विकास मुद्रा )

Raam is a Bearer Bond or local currency (note-its not a Currency of Holland) issued by  Stichting Maharishi Global Financing Research (SMDFR), a charitable foundation based in Holland The Raam was launched on October 26 2001, The Global Country of World Peace, set up by the Indian mystic, issued the brightly coloured notes of one, five and 10 “Raam” .


(front side of 1 Raam)Image

(back side of 1 Raam)

Maharshi Mahesh known first as a guru of Beatles in the 1960s, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has 4 million followers worldwide who believe that a diet of meditation and organic foods is the path to personal enlightenment and world peace.

the Guru Maharshi Mahesh start this currency with the name of Lord Raam cause he believe in Ram-RAJYA and he is a  great devote of Lord Ram

Since then, more than 125 Dutch shops and few shops in Usa also, some of them part of big department store chains, in 30 villages and cities have accepted the notes.

A spokesman for the Dutch Central Bank told BBC News Online the bank was keeping a close eye on the “Raam”, although he added that the Maharishi movement had done everything according to the law.

“The “Raam” can be used as long as the notes are not used as legal tender and it stays within a closed-off circuit of users,” he said.

The Raam is also circulating as the currency of Maharishi Vedic City in the US state of Iowa together with the US dollar, while Raam-based bonds are being offered in 35 American states.


(Bond Raam)

Benjamin Feldman, ‘Minister of Finance’ of the Maharishi movement, told BBC News Online the Raam could be used to battle poverty and create world peace.

In the Netherlands, the Raam notes are accepted in Dutch shops at a fixed rate of 10 Euros per raam.

“There are now about 100,000 Raam notes in circulation. That is not a lot but we are keeping a close eye on it because it must never lead to confusion for the public,” the Dutch central bank spokesman said.

Shopkeepers can exchange their Raam notes at the Fortis Bank branch in Roermond.they are trying to open many center  or money exchange shop for Raam.

i personly very happy to know that holland government has no problem by Raam, its a great work by  Maharishi Global Financing Research.

Jay shree Raam

जय श्री राम


Vishal Shresth

note- source from bbc and different websites from  Maharishi Global Financing Research & others


18 thoughts on “Raam a Global development currency at Holland ( राम एक वैश्विक विकास मुद्रा )

  1. The Raam is not the Vedic Ruka. This is a serious breach of Vedic laws because it is backed by the Ponzi Euro. Both the Ponzi Euro and Dollar are doomed with a 100% failure rate.

    The Raam should have been pegged to vaulted gold and Silver and not this junk bond. This is a sin.

    1. Western democracies are a one party state.
    2. Too big to fall have a 100% failure rate only sustained by free printed Ponzi currency scheme.
    3. Constant violent false flags send the people on a wild goose chase.

    There is no existing financial system. All ponzi paper currencies, subsequent economies and markets are a PONZI FINANCHAL =S=C=H=E=M=E= and not any Scientific Monetary System. There is only one problem, the root of all diseases is this Ponzi Scheme.

    Trying reading any Ponzi Currency Bill. There is no value attributed. Hence they are all “zero” value. Hence all debts, derivatives are of “zero”value. It’s a scheme and with a 100% failure rate.

    1. All markets are owned by the Federal Reserve and its franchising Central Banks, world-wide, as per FISA rule.
    2. Its private Statism. (Fascism). Wow! Unprecedented.
    3. Shares do not change hands.
    4. The Fed owns both the Bear and Bull.
    5. Their zero value Ponzi paper currencies yields Ponzi taxes, interest rates, profits, dividends and Ponzi prosperity, both inflated and deflated into bubbles with no fix.
    6. It will last forever as long as people are stupid forever.

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