India gate – the National monuments of India

India gate – India Gate is the symbol of Delhi and the pride of India,India gate is the national monument of India,  Situated in the heart of capital Delhi.


Yesterday we visit India gate again, i am with my brother, so i inspire to write about our pride.


(this is my click from Raisena hill yesterday )

the foundation stone of India Gate was laid by the Duke of Connaught in 1921 and it was designed by Edwin Lutyens. The monument was dedicated to the nation 10 years later by  the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin. India gate dedicated to the Unknown approximately 90,000 soldiers of the Indian Army who lost their lives in world war and the third anglo afgan war . Amar Jawan Jyoti- Burning as a shrine under the arch of India Gate since 26 jan 1971 is the Amar Jawan Jyoti (the flame of the immortal warrior), It was unveiled on January 26, 1972 by the then Prime Minister smt. Indira Gandhi, in the wake of the 1971 Indo-Pak its a pride of all Indian.The eternal flame burns day and night under the arch to remind the nation of soldiers who laid down their lives in the Indo-Pakistan War of December 1971.

Image the height of India Gate is 42 meter.

now have a look of India Gate at 1931


on that time army and other vip cars are passing through India Gate, in that time there is a statue of king gorge 5 , but it is removed after Independence of Our Country.

Now India Gate is a great tourist place, lakhs of people visit daily here,its a family picnic place, if u go there dnt forget to take a snap,

Vishal Shresth

note- pics may be under copyright act


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