Father’s Day

3rd Sunday of July is dedicated to fatherhood, its a father day in all over the world.after the great and successful celebration of mother’s day  the world enjoying and celebrating father’s day .


the celebration is consider to b a special day in every-one life’s as people xpress their gratitude towards their father  for caring and contributing to make life good and successful.


i read somewhere that american president mr. Nixon  decided to celebrate father’s day as a  national holy day, many of other country celebrate father’s day in different  days,in India it is 3rd sunday of july.

Friends for me father is the name of true friend, guide and philosopher, i miss my pa (father) i love him very very much, he is no more…………. 😦 , but he is always present in my heart and my thoughts!


today i want to say u all my friends-” go and tell your father how much you love him, so your love , hug him and respect him, ” he is the one who always stand behind you like a shadow  , i am unable to say that…………… 😦     love u pa ❤

Time change, now  fathers are no longer just the breadwinner, but also very hands on when it comes to baby sitting & taking care of all baby need, now father can do everything right from changing diapers and playing your favorite board game to feeding you and reading out bedtime stories. so this is time for us to show how much you care about him to make him feel special. so go on and make him happy with your hug.

…………..with love    ❤

vishal shresth

note- pics may be under copyrights act, i take all snap in this post from Google


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