No matter
you are so far….. I still love you,
no matter
you live me alone ….I still love you
As though a part of me were also you.
Life isn’t easy, but I know without you
I’m Nothing.. without you
I feel broken
i feel blueeeee
but i still love you
yes!!! that’s true…. I still love you

The silence of my life
is now a part of my love
every fake smile of mine
is sarrow of my love
no matter you never mis me
no matter you are very selfish
i Still love you
with my every breath
I”m waiting
till the end of my life
i want to say
only one sentence
yes!! I still love you

by-shresth vishal (15 may)

Earthquake in Nepal 2072/2015 (the lord must be sleeping)

I am sorry! i really believe in God, I really love him but God must be sleeping on that Day, I dn’t know how to wake up him     look at these pictures

aa  tower(1) More then 150 people died here

aaa deadimages

at basantapur

aaa 11196334_676193239151947_1632557475079694735_n

at gorkha

aaaa11173345_909620209059855_2753922960611328683_n  at kathmandu city

aa eveimages

Everest base camp

aaaa images  at bhaktapur kathmandu

aaa godimages   even the God House is not safe

aaa 13409_1396249847180023_6660673619950507825_n life ends here but hospitality never die

aaaaaaaaa images       and the journey Ends

May Lord Save the world