Feroze Gandhi – the forgotten Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi once told the worried mother of a young boy who was more interested in nationalism than studies: “your son is a revolutionary.If I get seven persons like him,India would be free in seven days.” The boys name was Feroze Gandhi.

sep 12, 1912 Feroze is born in Mumbai on parsi New Year Day of Shahanshahi sect,Jehangir Gandhi and Rattimai,belonged.

He was activist of quit India movement and he goes underground.

Feroze marries Indira Nehru on March 26,1942. The wedding was not a smooth affair.Feroze was a parsi and Nehru a Brahmin.

Feroze was an independent thinker after 15 Aug 1947 he was elected from Raibareli as a Mp. He start criticise Nehru’s thought. Feroze was also a crusader against corruption and cast base politics. His anti-corruption tirade in 50s exposed “jeep” scam- involving purchase of jeeps for the Army, that badly embarrassed Nehru ji.

Indira and Feroze relationship is in very weak stage, still he did not stop talking against the Nehru policy.

He was a real hero, he never stop talking about the grassroot.He survives first heart attack in 1958 and second and the last on sep 8,1960.And we lost a real Gandhi after Mahatma Gandhi.

He never compromise, always fight for the people of India.Nowadays no one is talking about him. He is a real hero and forgotten Gandhi.


Vishal Shresth

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