Nepal , still a heaven ( Visit Nepal )

  • Nepal, a heaven of Asia where lord Buddha born, a place which is famous for N-never , E-end, P-peace , a-and , L-love

ne9  birth place of lord Buddha lumbini

the hole world knows that Lord Budha born in Nepal

vis patan  Kathmandu

near famous Lord Krishna mandir (author )

  • ne3   somewhere near Mt. Everset
  • Nepal_ a place where people comes to see the nature , culture,  heritage and beautiful snow cloud , for tracking, bungee  jumping and rafting etc..
  • ne2     at Pokhara
  • ne6  at kathmandu
  • aaa 13409_1396249847180023_6660673619950507825_n hospitality of Nepal
  • let see our hospitality , we are famous for our hospitality , for us all guest are our God
  • ne5       Everest
  • ne7  phewa tal pokhara
  • ne8  kaule khola  near Tibet border

so visit our beautiful country again, we all are waiting for you

shresth vishal

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