yellow Rose

yellow Rose

yesterday i visit Edmund Hillary lodhi road, there is a park, Rose park. some how the door is open n i can’t stop my self to visit that,
there are lots of variety in roses, i saw this rose there, the hole rose plant is fulll with yellow roses but this one have few pink patches to,
i really really love that

valentine day ( an unforgettable gift )

Valentine – one of the most beautiful and energetic word of the world. Valentine Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. Its looks like a festival, specially for teen ager’s and new couple, and for whom also who want to propose or want to start a new relation.

Valentine! Valentine! Valentine!                                                                                                                                              Most of u my frnds get surprised that in the month of june I am taking about valentine,  but today I meet with a gorgeous young lady, after 5 year , she is still sweet and charming like 5 year ago and I go back to the flashback, year 2008 month 1 week of February.when I had a crush on her.

From last few month (in 2007-8) I knew her, she I so sweet. her smile make me crazy all the time,  I dnt knew that I m in love or what?, but I feel so happy when she came to me for any help,( I was a banker{executive} in pvt sector bank). Whenever she came she came with a cute smile and his first word is hi! Vishal, how are  you today,  I dnt remember my reply but I remember her evry words and every second which she spends with me ( AS a customer or friend ,m little confused) I still rememberImage .

We talk some times in mobile and we meet for  office purpose so many times, some times causally I meet with  her in her society. Some of my friends (colleagues)  said that- buddy she is in love with you, and I keep silent, my silent is my answer .

Its 2nd or 3rd feb, I start planning to propose her, anyhow! First time in my life, I am standing in 27 and may be this is my last chance, to check her that she feels good with me or not I said for a tea in a complex, she said yeah sure!, we go for a walk, suddenly his friend comes and they start chating, she introduce me as a friend, she dnt tell her that I am working there in a bank,  I feel so happy that she tell her that m her friend not a banker (stupid banker). After few minute she said sorry yar, I gootta go with my friend, dnt worry next time!

Next time! I didn’t get any next time!

Time is passing and passing and passing so fastly, m bussy and busy with my stupid profession . and here comes the day, 7 feb—————– rose day,

Today my heart refused to work, I purchase a red rose (beautiful rose-the simple of love) and start waiting for her, she came at evening with her cute smile, her white face is so bright and and se is looking really awesome in his pink and white salwar-sameez (dress), I said her happy rose day but didn’t gave him rose, I had no courage to offer her a rose, I said-beta (son) wait till valentine day.

Here comes the valentine day, what a lovely morning that was, I still feel the freshness of that morning J .

I had a plan, to go Barista (cafe shop)  and propose with a rose and a gift ( Tajmahal ) but here comes the climax, written by great Almighty God.

She come early in the morning at 9.30 with a card,  dully  well packed carrying in a beautiful packet with her sooooooooooo cute smile J. My guard show her, he welcome her and call me out, I came outside the Branch, I was very happy, I am thankful to God for this coming moment.

She gave me card and said u have to come, I said were ? she said just open this please, I dnt understand anything, I open that, that was a card, I smile and open that card and after that my I forget to say anything, that was her marriage card and she came today for inviting me on her marriage!              Image

I said ya ya ya with a fake smile and get back to my work………………………………………………………………………!

I said thank you God, thank you for this amazing gift, thank you! its a lovely gift which is impossible to forget.

I dnt said anything to my friends, they are very happy to saw her with a card, valentine card, but its me who knows the fact,  actually I gave them a party also for that card! hahahahahahahahahahahaha .

After few month I change my job and  sure I visit her marriage party, they are lovely couple,   they are made for each other, May Lord Bless them.

from my lovely life, straight from my heart

vishal shresth



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valentine week (a week for love, peace n humanity)

Hi friendshere comes the valentine week, a week for love, a week for peace and a week for humanity, most of us known about this week, valentine week, according to the story this week or valentine day is dedicated to Great saint valentine for his sacrifice for love,Image  St valentine church Dublin Ireland

why we enjoy this like a festival? there are lots of story but the most popular and personally i believed that- saint Valentine was a priest, who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death, and saint happy decided to to go for love and peace,

now these days there are some fixed date for different occasion like- Image   

.  Feb 7: Rose day
.Feb 8: Propose day
.Feb 9: Chocolate day
.Feb 10: Teddy Day
.Feb 11: Promise Day
.Feb 12: Hug Day

.Feb 13: Kiss Day
.Feb 14: Valentine Day

start from a rose and end with a valentine great week for teenagers  and single people,love is God,                                                                              but   for me my valentine is my MOm, i love u mom, and u are the best valentine  for me, i want a sweet kiss in my forehead, a tight hug and i promise that i love u forever and ever n ever , no matter my girlfriend/wife  is to busy with me and my  child’s/kid’s need attention and love,

happy valentine for all of u my sweet friends , enjoy the week and give love peace to the world

Regards vishal shresth

note- image credits goes to Wikipedia and others

Flying Duck Orchid (its unbelievable )



yes friends its really unbelievable that there is a orchid like this – the flying duck orchid scientific name -Caleana major.

when i first saw this in my Fb frnds wall i can trust that, i think it may be fake, so i search it in Google and here i find some great information.
In Asia, Europe , Africa and America every were lots of people are nt aware about this beautiful  orchid , but in Australia every one know this, in Australia orchid was featured on an Australian postage stamp too,   Image

Flying Duck Orchid is a small orchid found in eastern and southern Australia  This terrestrial plant features a remarkable flower, resembling a duck in flight. The flower is an attractant to insects, such as male  sawflies which pollinate the flower in a process known as  pseudocopulation. In 1986 this orchid was featured on an Australian postage stamp ,


lets she once again how beautiful it is……..    Image

Occurring from Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania, this plant is found in  eucalyptus woodland in coastal or swampy shrubland and heathland . Mostly near the coast, but occasionally at higher altitudes. Because of the small size, it is a difficult plant to notice in the wild.


(its closed flying orchid).

This terrestrial plant features a remarkable flower, resembling a duck in flight. this orchid  grow on the green stem. The single leaf, appears near the base of the stalk. It is usually prostrate, narrow-lanceolate, to 12 cm (5 in) long and 8 mm wide, often spotted. The flower is reddish-brown, 15 to 20 mm long. In rare cases, the flower can be greenish with dark spots. The plant is pollinated by insects. A sensitive strap is attached to the flower, which is triggered by vibration. Flowering occurs from September to January

Caleana major has been difficult to maintain in cultivation. Plants flower for one or sometimes two years but progressively weaken until they die.

hope all of u enjoy this, caleana major is one of the best orchid in world, the graet amazing art by nature , i salute to the nature , save the nature serve the nature
thanks ———————- 🙂

note- images credit goes to Wikipedia and other sites , image may be under copyright act , all of information is true and taken by diffident websites, special thanks to Australian sites  and Wikipedia

……………………..vishal shresth