Kalapani dispute between India and Nepal

As it was told by the Indian news channels that Nepal is raising a fake issue by the support of China is not true.


Today 19 may 2020 (tuesday) many new channels are not taking this issue seriously. They are showing that it is a new issue But, it is not true. There is a dispute between India and Nepal since 1962. Nepalese believed that is their place and they have to right to show it on Nepals map. But its also a fact that Indo-tibbet army is monitoring this area and nepalese are not allowed to enter in this place.


Modi government added this place on Indian political map in 2019, befor this kalapani and lipulek/lipulekh was not in indian mapDear Indian media and other friends I would like to request you to be fair. I don’t know Kalapani belongs to whom! But i knew that it a part of patriotism for both countrymen.

Earthquake in Nepal 2072/2015 (the lord must be sleeping)

I am sorry! i really believe in God, I really love him but God must be sleeping on that Day, I dn’t know how to wake up him     look at these pictures

aa  tower(1) More then 150 people died here

aaa deadimages

at basantapur

aaa 11196334_676193239151947_1632557475079694735_n

at gorkha

aaaa11173345_909620209059855_2753922960611328683_n  at kathmandu city

aa eveimages

Everest base camp

aaaa images  at bhaktapur kathmandu

aaa godimages   even the God House is not safe

aaa 13409_1396249847180023_6660673619950507825_n life ends here but hospitality never die

aaaaaaaaa images       and the journey Ends

May Lord Save the world