HAL Tejas

HAL Tejas                                                                                                                                                              Tejas is Indian Light Combat Aircraft fighter Jet developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. First I want to tell you that Tejas is developed to replace MIG- 21. The meaning of Tejas is Radiant in Sanskrit.

TEJAS is a single-seat, single-engine, lightweight, high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft. The LCA TEJAS can speed upto Mach 1.4 and is capable of carrying assorted weapon load along with dropping tanks up to four tons. It has some of the latest avionics and digital flight control systems. The Tejas, presently is powered by American General Electric Engine. The HAL TEJAS is designed with a single vertical fin  with no tailplanes or foreplanes and has a delta wing configuration.

lca_tejas pic credit HAL

The aircraft is also fitted with a night vision compatible glass cockpit with Martin Baker (UK) zero-zero ejection seats. The aircraft’s electronic warfare suite, developed by the Advanced Systems Integration and Evaluation Organisation (ASIEO) of Bangalore, includes a radar warning receiver and jammer, laser warner, missile approach warner, and chaff and flare dispenser. The LCA’s design has been configured to match the demands of modern combat scenario such as speed, acceleration, maneuverability and agility.

tejus pics credit – HAL

Now I like to post the comparative analysis between Tejas and J-17 (pakistan+china) by Mr. Gurung Kalanidhi.Gururag Kalanidhi, Defence Technology Analyst.Written Sep 1, 2015

These two aircraft follow a similar timeline of development. But, the similarity ends there. The LCA Tejas and JF-17 were designed with very different end applications in mind. For, India the Tejas was designated to be an aircraft which was to drive the technology influx into its fledgling aerospace industry. From the onset, the emphasis was not on costs but usage of cutting edge technology. This is not the case for Pakistan. For Pakistan the JF-17 is a much needed breather to replace its old fleet of Mirage III and Chengdu J-7 Fighters. Also, the design of these two aircraft is completely different. IAF has always been vehement about latest technology and this was the driving factor behind the design of the Tejas whose design has evolved around the timeline. But for Pakistan, this is not the case. The JF-17 is essentially a redesigned version of the Chengdu J-7(MiG 21 clone). Apart from the addition of LERX on the design and clipped delta wings, there’s not much of an improvement. On the other hand, the airframe of the Tejas is a beauty. Designed by ADA, it is a complex delta wing with an efficient leading edge blending for smooth handling at higher AoAs (Angle of Attack). Even the materials used for construction show the difference in the thought process. While ADA and HAL had from the onset been keen on keeping the weight low by using Carbon composites (at which India is now a pro), the CAC designed and PAC assembled JF-17 uses only aluminium alloys which add quite some weight to the design.







Miss u Delhi (Delhi meri jaan)

Miss u really really miss u Delhi ;-(

i came here at September  2006. Almost 7 year and 6 month I spend here,when i came here I have only 900 rs (150$) in my hand, I started struggle here, hard work n dedication help me to get right position very soon, after 9 month I got a new job in ICICI Bank ltd as a relation executive after 3 years I join Kotak Mahindra. I also worked in Hdfc Bank as Ast Manager .

I travel may places,Taj-mahal (Agara) and Vaisno Devi ,jammu, Jaypur, pushkar, lumbini (nepal-where lord budhha born) and many more place, I really enjoy a lot ❤


—————————–Qutub Minar New delhi——————————–


———————————–Lumbini (nepal) where Lord Buddha born ———————


—————at Anna Andolan (A Revolution ) at Delhi————


————at Ajmer Sharif with frnds————–


———————Taj Mahal with Frnds __________-

Really its a long and nice journey come to end, i dnt want to go back, but i have to go in my home city Darbhanga and from there my travel start to Kathmandu or Biratnagar Nepal for some personal work(its very imp)

miss u delhi


vishal shresth

Lord Buddha Born here – Lumbini (my visit)

I want to be a traveller, I love travelling but somehow I am not able to travel the hole world, I  just came from lumbini -the place where lord Buddha born


the place were lord born – taken by google , coz photography not allowed there –  Image


lord buddha born in lumbini nepal rupandehi district 623 and 543 BCE, mayadevi temple is the place were lord born, its a beautiful place to visit for worship



there are 32 temple in this place, from different  countries, burma, thai,nepal, lanka, india, germany……  all of us love to visit


the holy tree were lord take first samdhi


thanks for visiting

vishal shresth

Maggi (my pug)

Hi! today i want to introduce my maggi! my beautiful and naughty pet, she is pug (called vodafone doggy) , she is 3 year n 9 month old, she is such a darling for me……………….





this very difficult picture to take, coz she never stand like this, she is so naughty 

Image    her best place to sit, under the table 

Image bindas!! sleeping 




vishal shresth

note-all pic is taken by me 

Anshu the wonder Boy


harry poter look

Anshu the wonder Boy- anshu is small kid (age 3 year) he is son of my best friend rekha and sunny,he is so sweet n soooooooooooooo naughty  living at najafgarh Delhi , i always wondering how he get so many energy for his naughtiness , he loves to run , play, dancing and playing wid puppy . Image

i love his all naughtiness


Anshu at chattarpur mandir (delhi) oct 2013.


ansu n ma

all pics taken by mobile only

vishal shresth

Bubble walk (purana Qila delhi)

few days back i visit purana qila , there i saw first time bubble walk, this walk is for kids only (under 16 year)

i really like that, its a great adventure feeling for kids,


there are many kids, i talk with a kid named rahul, he said that- “bhaiya (brother) i really enjoy this, this is my second time when i m here for this walk, i want to come again.”


purana qila is a picnic spot for all, there i also saw some romantic couple behind the tree and seating in the garden of purana qila, here u enjoy boating and it may be your favourite past time

6 september ( indo-pak war)

6 September is very important day for Indian Army History , in 6 sep 1965 a war against Pakistan we reached at Lahore after demolishing  Pakistan army  , we reached sialkot also , pakistan think that Indian never cross the border, but after surprise attack from pakistan we have no other option , we have to gave him good lesson so first time in Indian history we cross our limit, we always believe in love n peace , still we have full faith on “vaishudhev katumbakam ”  (every one is our brother) , but if anyone attack our Mother land we are ready to punished him any how.

Image  this picture is taken at police station  near lahore (pakistan)

pakistan attack with Gibraltar plan to free Kashmir, they sent thousands  of militancy in kashmir for rights n war , we the Indians are not aware about that, so we are not ready for any war, but our Prime Minister shri lal Bahadur Shastri is a Iron men, he stand with our Army and we won that fight,

we won many of district of pakistan and we were operating dozens of pakistani police stations , few rare of the rarest pics are here-


most important thing favour to Indians that is at the middle of the war pakistan change their army commander, and Indian army take this phcological  advantge against them.

gen chaudhry is our Army chief but very few people knows that our Indian Pm is directly operating and commanding our Army, even when our general dnt want to start a another front against pak,  Pm said no!  we need to destroy pak, so we need more attacks from new fronts , and this is new thing in Indian History ,

in west front major general prasad (prashad participated at 2nd world war) successfully destroy pakistan army and they cross the international border first , after few days Pakistan Army surrendered , and we create a history.

at the same point USA appeal India to stop war, and after the enterfare of russia and usa we stop our army but pakistan motto is still bad, so we are ready to teach them good lesson ,


Indian Army with american patton tank (pak)
we lost our 3o tops n tank and we destroyed 100 of pakistan tanks n tops and we got /win pakistan 87 tanks n tops ,

time magazine wrote about the situation, war in Asia,


and finally 22 sep 1965 the war stopped and declared  Indian win , we lost our 3000 army in that war, we have proud of them and we always remember our brave army mens

jai Hind jai hind ki sena

Vishal shresth

note picture may subject of copyrights , all pics taken by google search