“Hug the chinese” compaign is the main cause of huge corona cases in Italy!

We are living in a pandemic era. European countries are suffering a lot from covid-19. Italy is in worst condition. Many people thinks that it is because of Hug the chinese compaign.

Mayor of Florence, Italy, initiated a ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign to “eradicate prejudice” against the Chinese and encouraged random pedestrians to essentially ‘hug’ a Chinese.

‘Hug a Chinese’ movemen. When the world is advocating social distancing to ensure the spread of highly contagious virus is lessened, anyone encouraging hugging anyone in middle of an outbreak is ridiculous. However, the above news is not fake.

Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, Italy, on February 1 initiated a ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign on Twitter.He was even hailed for the fight against ‘racism’.

Many people wrote in diffrent social networking sites that it was a great mistake. because of this campaign Italy suffered a lot.

Some of the newspapers also raised the same question. However it was not a great campaign by Mr. Mayor.

While there is no conclusive evidence that the ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign might have spread coronavirus in Italy, as not all Chinese people are carriers of virus and hence they should not be discriminated against, it does not take away the fact that the campaign was perhaps not well thought of. It put political correctness over common sense and precaution.

Coronavirus in Italy

After China, Italy has seen the highest number of deaths from the deadly virus. Over a 139,422 people have died in Italy while the global figure is at over 1,519,196. In past 24 hours only almost 700 + people have died in Italy due to coronavirus. Italy has tightened its quarantine and the US has banned flights to Europe.

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Article: A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low

A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low

They call them corona taxis: Medics outfitted in protective gear, driving around the empty streets of Heidelberg to check on patients who are at home, five or six days into being sick with the coronavirus.

They take a blood test, looking for signs that a patient is about to go into a steep decline. They might suggest hospitalization, even to a patient who has only mild symptoms; the chances of surviving that decline are vastly improved by being in a hospital when it begins.

“There is this tipping point at the end of the first week,” said Prof. Hans-Georg Kräusslich, the head of virology at University Hospital in Heidelberg, one of the country’s leading research hospitals. “If you are a person whose lungs might fail, that’s when


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Why it is called Corona Virus?

Corona virus is a global problem. More than 150 countries are suffering from corona virus. Firstly it was found in china at 19 december 2019.

Now, the question is why it is called corona virus?

Actually corona viruses are a group of viruses which produce symptoms similiar to that of flue. Corona virus gets its name from the word “Corona” which means crown in latin.

Corona virus has a series of crown likes spikes on it surface, which is the main reason for the name.

Symptoms: symptoms can range from a runny nose, cough, sore throat , and fever, but can also escalate to pneumonia. It is a deadly virus. So, we have to be very careful about it and we have to follow the guideline given by WHO.


Vishal shresth

Corona! Why the south Asian country have a low rate of corona positive?

Corona, Covid 19 is a big problem for the whole world. Everyone knows how its started from Vuhan, China. And south Asian countries are just few kilometres far from China.But the most suffering countries are Iran, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada and Britain.I heard that many peoples are saying these countries(south asian) are safe because of God, Allah and Bhagwan. Some stupids are giving credit to their PM. But this is totally nonsense.The European countrymen loves travelling and they love to try new foods. So, when they visited China they use their time in travelling and eating new foods. But the south Asians are busy in working or only study. Because they are there in china for job and for study. Most of the south Asians belongs to middile class, so they were busy in a particular place. That is the reason why they are very few corona positive.

The Europeans and Americans use their time in travelling and came back to their country. And the chain began to started. One person gave this virus to the many persons.Eating habbit also a big cause of the spreading virus.

As it is told that it was started by eating bat soup or others nonveg food. Now, we are suffering from this globaly problem and we are facing Lockdown and curfew. We have to follow the guideline given by WHO.Stay at home and be safe.Note: this my personal thought.

India and Nepal relationship is in danger

Nepal is suffering from lots of problems these days. first its take a long time to constitute its constitution, and just then Nepal government is not able to short out the problem between India and Nepal.

Nepal is a land-lock country, Nepal south border touch with India and north with China. the Himalaya is in north so china is not easily able to help Nepal. so, Nepal has to purchase all goods through Indian border. but, nowadays India seal his border in the name of security reason. I am not able to understand why Minister  sushma swarjya and PM modi ji not serious to solve this issue. hence China is taking interest  to help Nepal.

The hole world knows that china is always want to work against India, if China is going to help Nepal then this is great loss of India only, all the Nepalese people is suffering from oil,petrol and cooking gas. Nepal government is trying to solve the problem but its a warning for India. The relation between India and Nepal is in danger.


all the world knows that Pakistan, china ,Bangladesh and sri-lanka is not Indian supporting neighbor  only Nepal is indian true friend. so if India lost his small but true friend then its a great loss for Indian diplomat.

So, i request to PM Narendra modi ji please try to short-out this problem


shresth vishal