“Hug the chinese” compaign is the main cause of huge corona cases in Italy!

We are living in a pandemic era. European countries are suffering a lot from covid-19. Italy is in worst condition. Many people thinks that it is because of Hug the chinese compaign.

Mayor of Florence, Italy, initiated a ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign to “eradicate prejudice” against the Chinese and encouraged random pedestrians to essentially ‘hug’ a Chinese.

‘Hug a Chinese’ movemen. When the world is advocating social distancing to ensure the spread of highly contagious virus is lessened, anyone encouraging hugging anyone in middle of an outbreak is ridiculous. However, the above news is not fake.

Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, Italy, on February 1 initiated a ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign on Twitter.He was even hailed for the fight against ‘racism’.

Many people wrote in diffrent social networking sites that it was a great mistake. because of this campaign Italy suffered a lot.

Some of the newspapers also raised the same question. However it was not a great campaign by Mr. Mayor.

While there is no conclusive evidence that the ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign might have spread coronavirus in Italy, as not all Chinese people are carriers of virus and hence they should not be discriminated against, it does not take away the fact that the campaign was perhaps not well thought of. It put political correctness over common sense and precaution.

Coronavirus in Italy

After China, Italy has seen the highest number of deaths from the deadly virus. Over a 139,422 people have died in Italy while the global figure is at over 1,519,196. In past 24 hours only almost 700 + people have died in Italy due to coronavirus. Italy has tightened its quarantine and the US has banned flights to Europe.

– btavo @DarioNardella https://twitter.com/DarioNardella/status/1223620740689338369