An Evening at Bhaktapur Kathmandu

An evening at bhaktapur Kathmandu , watching sun set



here i m trying to get a image behind a small tree leafs


its really so nice to see sunset behind the clouds



at bhaktapur darbar square (world heritage site )


all pics credit goes to vishal shresth


Anshu the wonder Boy


harry poter look

Anshu the wonder Boy- anshu is small kid (age 3 year) he is son of my best friend rekha and sunny,he is so sweet n soooooooooooooo naughty  living at najafgarh Delhi , i always wondering how he get so many energy for his naughtiness , he loves to run , play, dancing and playing wid puppy . Image

i love his all naughtiness


Anshu at chattarpur mandir (delhi) oct 2013.


ansu n ma

all pics taken by mobile only

vishal shresth

historical old vintage photograph (1930)



A girl from cheruma tribe kerala- in 1930 (before freedom). she wear jewelry but no cloths in chest only wearing a dhoti (dress) that was very tight at the waist. in a festival in traditional style, this traditional is now no more in India





historical old vintage photograph (1930)


vishal shresth

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