Surgical Strike

Finally after a long time Indians shown their power. the hole world knows that Pakistan is country which always support terrorism. Pakistan is also victims of many terrorist attack.
In India, when the Modi government came in power we the people’s are waiting for an action against Pakistan,because they promise so many time that they are going to teach some lesson to pakistan.

Nearly 10 days after the Uri attack that claimed 18 jawans, India carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, inflicting heavy casualties on terrorists and ‘those protecting them” and indicating a change of stand on the rules of engagement on the disputed line of control.

Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced that Pakistan had been informed about the strikes and that India has no intention of continuing the operation. after this Pakistan arrange a cabinet meeting after this so called Surgical Strike and give a statement that this is totally fake. Isn”t it ?

Here I am going to describe you how Indians finished his excellent operation 9according to many news agency)  

1. Operation begins around 12.30 am on Wednesday. According to reports, paratroopers from Special Forces were involved.

2. The commandos were airdropped at the LoC, from where they crossed over to the Pakistani side.

3. According to sources, Indian commandos entered three Km across the Line of Control to conduct the ‘surgical strikes’

4. The strikes were carried out in Bhimber, Hotspring, Kel & Lipa sectors, on Pak’s side of LoC, according to reports.

5. The location was 500 meters-2 Km across LoC, sources said

6. 7 terror launch pads were destroyed during the surgical strike

7. 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Indian Army surgical strikes, no Indian casualties. Those killed included terrorists, their guides and handlers

8. Helicopters were used.

we hope that in coming days we live our life in peace but Pakistan may have different plan
let see!



Shresth Vishal


i love my loneliness

Loneliness is some time very important and it’s the best friend of mine I think , sometimes loneliness gives a best opportunity to search for true love, true soul mate and true self and get connected with supreme source of joy n love , in loneliness we can hear some unsaid words some forgettable words and we listen n learn from our past .

Sometimes loneliness depressed u but u have to fight with your depression and hard situation, depression is not an illness or disease, it’s a opportunity given by nature to understand your soul and understand your true frnds.

I prefer to use my time in loneliness with short travelling, writing poems, making some bad paintings, gardening and most of the time listening music , the best thing about listing music is very easy and also in loneliness u can understand and love lyrics but when u r so busy or happy than u listing only music u dnt care about words n lyrics.

Loneliness also give u a chance to start a new life , a new beginning and its help me to work hard for future. SNC00090

The saddest part of loneliness is its give me so many bad memories and I start remembering my past my love my dream and I start crying, I really start crying a hard and I get nervous I put so many stretch in my mind   n in my heart . I start hated loneliness but after sometimes I realize the situation the truth and start thinking about my future.

I love my loneliness, it’s a part of life its not about hole life its only a part of life and I accept it like a challenge of life and then I start enjoying my loneliness,

Yes! I love my loneliness its my true friend

ढाई आखर प्रेम का पढ़े सो पंडित होई – love is god – love is all-around

प्रेम-प्यार-इशक़-माया-अनुराग-प्रीत और न जानें कितने नाम है इस पवित्र रिस्ते के , न जानें कितने तरह के भाव है
न तो कोई सीमा है न कोई बंधन है , ये तो बस उरना जनता है प्यार बाटना जानता है !
पोथी-पोथी पढ़ जग मुआ , पंडित भया न कोई
ढाई आखर प्रेम का पढ़े सो पंडित होई !!
कबीरदास ने क्या सही कहा था , मैं तो नत मस्तक हु उनके इस विचार पे , इस सन्देस पे !
प्रकृति ने या उस नीले छतरी वाले ने कोई बंदिसे बन्दों पे नही लगायी ये तो हम है जिन्होंने मानव को मानव से बाटा,
पहले धर्म के नाम पर, फिर जात के नाम पर फिर रास्ट्रीयता के नाम पर, रंग-भेद के नाम पर फिर बाटा आमिर-गरीब के नाम पर
, बस बाटते रहे – बस बाटते रहे, और जिन्होंने भी जोरने का प्यार का धागा पिरोने का कम किया उन्हें पागल घोषित कर दिया !
खैर यहाँ मैं अपने पे आता हुँ !
मैं काफी खुस था अपने प्यार में , बरा भरोसा था, साथ जीने-मरने कि कस्मे भी दोहराता था
मगर आज से ११ साल पहले सिर्फ इसलिए मुझे छोर दिया गया ( शायद ) क्युकी मेरा सरनेम श्रेस्ठ था
और उनका कुछ और ……….
न उम्र कि सीमा हो न जन्म का हो बंधन – जब प्यार करे कोई तो देखे केवल मन …………………………………………


और हम आज भी उनके है
विशाल श्रेस्ठ

valentine day ( an unforgettable gift )

Valentine – one of the most beautiful and energetic word of the world. Valentine Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. Its looks like a festival, specially for teen ager’s and new couple, and for whom also who want to propose or want to start a new relation.

Valentine! Valentine! Valentine!                                                                                                                                              Most of u my frnds get surprised that in the month of june I am taking about valentine,  but today I meet with a gorgeous young lady, after 5 year , she is still sweet and charming like 5 year ago and I go back to the flashback, year 2008 month 1 week of February.when I had a crush on her.

From last few month (in 2007-8) I knew her, she I so sweet. her smile make me crazy all the time,  I dnt knew that I m in love or what?, but I feel so happy when she came to me for any help,( I was a banker{executive} in pvt sector bank). Whenever she came she came with a cute smile and his first word is hi! Vishal, how are  you today,  I dnt remember my reply but I remember her evry words and every second which she spends with me ( AS a customer or friend ,m little confused) I still rememberImage .

We talk some times in mobile and we meet for  office purpose so many times, some times causally I meet with  her in her society. Some of my friends (colleagues)  said that- buddy she is in love with you, and I keep silent, my silent is my answer .

Its 2nd or 3rd feb, I start planning to propose her, anyhow! First time in my life, I am standing in 27 and may be this is my last chance, to check her that she feels good with me or not I said for a tea in a complex, she said yeah sure!, we go for a walk, suddenly his friend comes and they start chating, she introduce me as a friend, she dnt tell her that I am working there in a bank,  I feel so happy that she tell her that m her friend not a banker (stupid banker). After few minute she said sorry yar, I gootta go with my friend, dnt worry next time!

Next time! I didn’t get any next time!

Time is passing and passing and passing so fastly, m bussy and busy with my stupid profession . and here comes the day, 7 feb—————– rose day,

Today my heart refused to work, I purchase a red rose (beautiful rose-the simple of love) and start waiting for her, she came at evening with her cute smile, her white face is so bright and and se is looking really awesome in his pink and white salwar-sameez (dress), I said her happy rose day but didn’t gave him rose, I had no courage to offer her a rose, I said-beta (son) wait till valentine day.

Here comes the valentine day, what a lovely morning that was, I still feel the freshness of that morning J .

I had a plan, to go Barista (cafe shop)  and propose with a rose and a gift ( Tajmahal ) but here comes the climax, written by great Almighty God.

She come early in the morning at 9.30 with a card,  dully  well packed carrying in a beautiful packet with her sooooooooooo cute smile J. My guard show her, he welcome her and call me out, I came outside the Branch, I was very happy, I am thankful to God for this coming moment.

She gave me card and said u have to come, I said were ? she said just open this please, I dnt understand anything, I open that, that was a card, I smile and open that card and after that my I forget to say anything, that was her marriage card and she came today for inviting me on her marriage!              Image

I said ya ya ya with a fake smile and get back to my work………………………………………………………………………!

I said thank you God, thank you for this amazing gift, thank you! its a lovely gift which is impossible to forget.

I dnt said anything to my friends, they are very happy to saw her with a card, valentine card, but its me who knows the fact,  actually I gave them a party also for that card! hahahahahahahahahahahaha .

After few month I change my job and  sure I visit her marriage party, they are lovely couple,   they are made for each other, May Lord Bless them.

from my lovely life, straight from my heart

vishal shresth



note- pics are subject of copyright by other, so please dnt take it otherwise, sorry

बिन पैसे सब सून, चाहे कितना ताना-बाना बुन !!

क्या सुखद संयोग है, मेरे जेब में एक  रूपया भी नहीं और न ही कोई बैंक बैलेंस है मगर मैं अगले दो महीने में करीब लाख रुपये इन्वेस्ट कर  व्याप|र करने की सोंच रहा हु , अब आप कहेंगे सोचने का तो पैसा लगता नहीं है! सोचो!  खूब सोचो!!

जनाब सोचने के साथ साथ कदम भी बढा  रहा हु, सफलता का पता नहीं पर मुझे अमिताब बच्चन का वो प्रसिद्ध संवाद याद आ गया – मेरे जेब में एक फूटी कौरी भी नहीं, और मैं आपसे 5 लाख का सौदा करने आ गया।
अब मन में ये विचार आ सकता है की लाख रूपया में देल्ही में भला कोई व्यापार हो सकता है । जी हा! मैंने भी खूब सोचा की क्या और कैसे कम पैसे में व्यापार करू?
और बरे-बुजुर्ग भी कह गए है की व्यापार वही करो जिसमे आपकी व्यक्तिगत रूचि हो या पारिवारिक व्यापार हो।
पारिवारिक ब्यवसाय तो कुछ है नहीं, न ही धन-दौलत मिली परिवार से, अब रूचि की बात पे आउ  तो ऐसी कोई रूचि भी नहीं, पैसे भी नहीं और अनुभव भी नहीं ।
फिर मुझे याद आया की कुछ माह पहले मैंने एक पग (वोडाफोन वाला कुत्ता) लेने का विचार किया था , करीब एक महीने तक दोस्तों और इन्टरनेट की खाक छानने के बाद भी मेरे पहुच के हिसाब से 5000-6000 रुपये में एक पग नहीं मिला, आखिर थक हर के मैंने विचार त्यागा और एक जर्मन स्पिट्ज (पामेरियन) लिया, उस प्यारे पप्पी का नाम रखा सूजी,
सूजी 18 डिसेम्बर 2012 की थी, मैंने 21 जन को अपने पास गोद लिया,

और मैंने अब सोचा,  की कमाल है! एक छोटा सा पग 6000 में भी नहीं मिलता डेल्ही में बल्कि 9000-12000 मांगते है लोग,
हा! कम|ल है ।
मेरी रूचि सुरु से कुत्तो में रही, पलना भी चाहता था और उनके नखरे भी उठा सकता हु, फिर क्यों न इसे ही अपनी वयवसाय बना लिया जय, रूचि भी है और बजट के हिसाब से भी इंतजाम हो जायेगा।
दोस्तों को बताया तो कोई हसे और कुछ ने कहा यार देख ले कर सकता है तो कर। उत्साह किसी ने नहीं बढाया।
पर विशाल बाबु ने तो ठान  लिया था। अब येही काम  करूँगा । मगर पैसे ? ये कहा  से आयेंगे?
बिन पैसे सब सून, चाहे कितना ताना-बाना  बुन  !!

इस व्यापार की सुरुवात में कम से कम 2,3 पग की जरुरत तो होगी ही, बाकि उनके ही बच्चो से वयवसाय आगे बढाया जायेगा।
पहला पग मैंने 20 फेब को लिया नाम रखा मैगी
, आधे पैसे दोस्त से लिया और आधे खुद उस पग वाले भैया ने उध|र में दे दिए, सच है ! आप कदम बढ़ाते हो तो राह बन ही जाती है, ऊपर वाले की दया से क|म खुद-ब-खुद बन गया,  इस बीच मेरी जॉब भी जारी है, सायद 2 या 3 महीने बाद अपनी कोई ढंग की शॉप या फार्म हाउस टाइप कुछ किराये पे ले लू
कोशिश जारी है और आप सभी के सलाह और दुवा की जरुरत है
विशाल श्रेष्ठ