Wicket-keepers who have bowled and took wickets

Cricket, what! an intresting game. And the most important man of this game is wicket-keepers. Because, a good wicket-keepers know all about his bowlers and also he is in the best position to notice the batsman. Thats why M S Dhoni became a greatest captain, The DRS sytems also known as Dhoni review system.

Now, here is the list of wicket-keepers who bowled and took wickets

#1- Alfred Lyttelton (England) He was the first wicket-keeper who bowl in an international lable. He took total 4 wickets in his life and all wickets angainst australia.

He was the political person and most intresting thing is, he was also the player of England football team.

#2- M S Dhoni (Indian captain) – The skipper and keeper M S Dhoni sheds his gloves and takes a wicket in his first ever over by bowling windies batsman Travis Dowlin for 14 in the ICC champions Trophy semi-final in sep 2009. His bowling figure ia 2-0-16-1

reaction after taking his first wicket.

#3- Tatenda Taibu (Zimbabwe Cap) – He is the only one regular wicket keeper who has bowled a full quota of overs in ODIs. He finished with 10-1-42-2 against Srilanka. He also bowled in test match against Lanka.

#4- Mark Boucher (South African Cap) He picked up the wicket of Dwayne Bravo against West Indies in 2005. 1.2-0-6-1.

#5- Brendon Macullum ( New Zealand Cap) He took wicket againat Pakistan.

#6- Devon Thomas He took 2 wickets against Bangladesh. His bowling figure is 1.1-0-11-2

#7- Sayed Kirmani (India) He took wicket of Azeem Hafiz Pakistan in 1963 at Nagpur.

#8- A B DeVilliers (South Africa) He was the wicket keeper against NewZealand and he left globes and took his first wicket in World Cup Semifinal 2015.

#9- Dinesh Kartik ( He was wicket keeper of Indian team. He took two wickets against Pakistan.

#10 Taslim Arif (Pakistan) he took his first and last wicket against Australia. Batsman was Grawmw Beard

Now the list of wicket keeper who bowled but didn’t get any wickets and also those keepers who was part time wicket keeper. including some very famous players who took wickets in IPl and First class.

#1-Rahul Dravid( Indian Cap) He was not a regular keeper but he played 73 ODI as a keeper. He also bowled in many game and took wickets.

#2- Jimmy Adams ( West Indies Cap) He was a permanent wicket keeper but after few years he use to bowl and became a regular bowler. He won man of the match as a front line bowler.

#3- kedar Jadhav ( India) He is a part time wicket keeper and also front line bowler.

#4- Sarafraj Ahmad (Pakistan Cap) He bowled in few games.

#5- Matthew Wade ( Austrilia) He also bowled 1 maiden over in Test.

#6- Adam Gilcrisht- He bowled in his last IPL match and took wicket of Harbhajan singh

#7-Rishabh Pant- He bowled in First class cricket.

#Wiliiam Storer has bowled the most overs as a regular wicket keeper, he bowled 27 over.

Note- There are many more names, I will try to add their names

source : espncrick, Wikipedia, Starsports and other sports magzines. The pictures may be the subject of copyright, I took all pictures from different social media.