India is less corona infected country. Why?

India, Nepal and other south asain countries are less infected by corona virus because of this 4 reasons ( in my point of view)
1- Travelling habits – Europeans love travelling and they get infected there, after few days they transfer covid to their countrymen . About Indians and south asians, they are there for job and study. Their life is so busy in china. So, they are less infected. According to the survey 50% germans love travelling and about India its only 4%.2- Eating habbit- europeans love to try new foods. They are regular visitor of vet market of Vuhan. Indian and South asian are little shy in testing chinese foods.3- Mass gathering and greetings habbit- Europeans enjoy mass gathering and they greets one another by hugging, kissing and saking hands. But Indians wants to live in their friend circles only and they greet one another by saying namsate/ NamaskarAnd
4-Government policy also helps to spread covid 19. In US and Europe they wait a lot after first patient but here the government called a national meeting and announce lockdown immediately.Here I would like to appreciate the great job by Russian, South Korea and Japan. The government took an appropriate action and the result is far better than Europe and America.Note: This is my personal analysis. pleasse forgive me for any mistake.Regrads