HAL Tejas

HAL Tejas                                                                                                                                                              Tejas is Indian Light Combat Aircraft fighter Jet developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. First I want to tell you that Tejas is developed to replace MIG- 21. The meaning of Tejas is Radiant in Sanskrit.

TEJAS is a single-seat, single-engine, lightweight, high-agility supersonic fighter aircraft. The LCA TEJAS can speed upto Mach 1.4 and is capable of carrying assorted weapon load along with dropping tanks up to four tons. It has some of the latest avionics and digital flight control systems. The Tejas, presently is powered by American General Electric Engine. The HAL TEJAS is designed with a single vertical fin  with no tailplanes or foreplanes and has a delta wing configuration.

lca_tejas pic credit HAL

The aircraft is also fitted with a night vision compatible glass cockpit with Martin Baker (UK) zero-zero ejection seats. The aircraft’s electronic warfare suite, developed by the Advanced Systems Integration and Evaluation Organisation (ASIEO) of Bangalore, includes a radar warning receiver and jammer, laser warner, missile approach warner, and chaff and flare dispenser. The LCA’s design has been configured to match the demands of modern combat scenario such as speed, acceleration, maneuverability and agility.

tejus pics credit – HAL

Now I like to post the comparative analysis between Tejas and J-17 (pakistan+china) by Mr. Gurung Kalanidhi.Gururag Kalanidhi, Defence Technology Analyst.Written Sep 1, 2015

These two aircraft follow a similar timeline of development. But, the similarity ends there. The LCA Tejas and JF-17 were designed with very different end applications in mind. For, India the Tejas was designated to be an aircraft which was to drive the technology influx into its fledgling aerospace industry. From the onset, the emphasis was not on costs but usage of cutting edge technology. This is not the case for Pakistan. For Pakistan the JF-17 is a much needed breather to replace its old fleet of Mirage III and Chengdu J-7 Fighters. Also, the design of these two aircraft is completely different. IAF has always been vehement about latest technology and this was the driving factor behind the design of the Tejas whose design has evolved around the timeline. But for Pakistan, this is not the case. The JF-17 is essentially a redesigned version of the Chengdu J-7(MiG 21 clone). Apart from the addition of LERX on the design and clipped delta wings, there’s not much of an improvement. On the other hand, the airframe of the Tejas is a beauty. Designed by ADA, it is a complex delta wing with an efficient leading edge blending for smooth handling at higher AoAs (Angle of Attack). Even the materials used for construction show the difference in the thought process. While ADA and HAL had from the onset been keen on keeping the weight low by using Carbon composites (at which India is now a pro), the CAC designed and PAC assembled JF-17 uses only aluminium alloys which add quite some weight to the design.







June 1944 (1) — Pacific Paratrooper

1-3 June – on the first of the month, the 7th Indian division overran the Japanese positions in Naga Village, Burma. The USS Herring, a Gato-class submarine was shelled and sunk off Matsuma, Kuril Islands, by Japanese shore-based artillery with the loss of all 60-man crew. The 5th Brigade accomplished outflanking the enemy around Aradura. […]

via June 1944 (1) — Pacific Paratrooper

Surgical Strike

Finally after a long time Indians shown their power. the hole world knows that Pakistan is country which always support terrorism. Pakistan is also victims of many terrorist attack.
In India, when the Modi government came in power we the people’s are waiting for an action against Pakistan,because they promise so many time that they are going to teach some lesson to pakistan.

Nearly 10 days after the Uri attack that claimed 18 jawans, India carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, inflicting heavy casualties on terrorists and ‘those protecting them” and indicating a change of stand on the rules of engagement on the disputed line of control.

Indian DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh announced that Pakistan had been informed about the strikes and that India has no intention of continuing the operation. after this Pakistan arrange a cabinet meeting after this so called Surgical Strike and give a statement that this is totally fake. Isn”t it ?

Here I am going to describe you how Indians finished his excellent operation 9according to many news agency)  

1. Operation begins around 12.30 am on Wednesday. According to reports, paratroopers from Special Forces were involved.

2. The commandos were airdropped at the LoC, from where they crossed over to the Pakistani side.

3. According to sources, Indian commandos entered three Km across the Line of Control to conduct the ‘surgical strikes’

4. The strikes were carried out in Bhimber, Hotspring, Kel & Lipa sectors, on Pak’s side of LoC, according to reports.

5. The location was 500 meters-2 Km across LoC, sources said

6. 7 terror launch pads were destroyed during the surgical strike

7. 38 terrorists and 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Indian Army surgical strikes, no Indian casualties. Those killed included terrorists, their guides and handlers

8. Helicopters were used.

we hope that in coming days we live our life in peace but Pakistan may have different plan
let see!



Shresth Vishal

Nepal , still a heaven ( Visit Nepal )

  • Nepal, a heaven of Asia where lord Buddha born, a place which is famous for N-never , E-end, P-peace , a-and , L-love

ne9  birth place of lord Buddha lumbini

the hole world knows that Lord Budha born in Nepal

vis patan  Kathmandu

near famous Lord Krishna mandir (author )

  • ne3   somewhere near Mt. Everset
  • Nepal_ a place where people comes to see the nature , culture,  heritage and beautiful snow cloud , for tracking, bungee  jumping and rafting etc..
  • ne2     at Pokhara
  • ne6  at kathmandu
  • aaa 13409_1396249847180023_6660673619950507825_n hospitality of Nepal
  • let see our hospitality , we are famous for our hospitality , for us all guest are our God
  • ne5       Everest
  • ne7  phewa tal pokhara
  • ne8  kaule khola  near Tibet border

so visit our beautiful country again, we all are waiting for you

shresth vishal

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India and Nepal relationship is in danger

Nepal is suffering from lots of problems these days. first its take a long time to constitute its constitution, and just then Nepal government is not able to short out the problem between India and Nepal.

Nepal is a land-lock country, Nepal south border touch with India and north with China. the Himalaya is in north so china is not easily able to help Nepal. so, Nepal has to purchase all goods through Indian border. but, nowadays India seal his border in the name of security reason. I am not able to understand why Minister  sushma swarjya and PM modi ji not serious to solve this issue. hence China is taking interest  to help Nepal.

The hole world knows that china is always want to work against India, if China is going to help Nepal then this is great loss of India only, all the Nepalese people is suffering from oil,petrol and cooking gas. Nepal government is trying to solve the problem but its a warning for India. The relation between India and Nepal is in danger.


all the world knows that Pakistan, china ,Bangladesh and sri-lanka is not Indian supporting neighbor  only Nepal is indian true friend. so if India lost his small but true friend then its a great loss for Indian diplomat.

So, i request to PM Narendra modi ji please try to short-out this problem


shresth vishal

“my love for u is true” (poem)


…… “My love for u is true”…….

“The words I’m afraid to say”

feared by the reply

I may receive?

I’v no sence of direction

please tell me

how to say?

my love for u is true!!

I love u more then me

it’s true, will u plaese recive

I’m always givinh u sign

my love for I is true!!

Nobody there,it’s only u

if you could understand my silence

u r always in my thought

my love for u is true!!

And the words I’m afraid to say

what would I do to be with u

tell me once I’m ready to do

antyhing,anything for u baby

coz, my love for u is true!!

the words I’m afraid to say

I’v no sence of direction

please tell me

how to say?

my love for u is true

by:shresth vishal  (24 Aug/2072)

What would I do to be with you,
tell me once I’m ready to do

My lovely Mother (miss u lot)


I know a face, a lovely face,
As full of beauty as of grace,
A face of pleasure, ever bright,
In utter darkness it gives us light
A face that is itself like joy,
To have seen it I’m a lucky boy
But I’ve a joy that have few others
This lovely woman is my mother



she is my lovely mum and i am missing her so much

i love u mum

i don’t know who wrote this, if you’v any idea please help me


shresth vishal