6 september ( indo-pak war)

6 September is very important day for Indian Army History , in 6 sep 1965 a war against Pakistan we reached at Lahore after demolishing  Pakistan army  , we reached sialkot also , pakistan think that Indian never cross the border, but after surprise attack from pakistan we have no other option , we have to gave him good lesson so first time in Indian history we cross our limit, we always believe in love n peace , still we have full faith on “vaishudhev katumbakam ”  (every one is our brother) , but if anyone attack our Mother land we are ready to punished him any how.

Image  this picture is taken at police station  near lahore (pakistan)

pakistan attack with Gibraltar plan to free Kashmir, they sent thousands  of militancy in kashmir for rights n war , we the Indians are not aware about that, so we are not ready for any war, but our Prime Minister shri lal Bahadur Shastri is a Iron men, he stand with our Army and we won that fight,

we won many of district of pakistan and we were operating dozens of pakistani police stations , few rare of the rarest pics are here-


most important thing favour to Indians that is at the middle of the war pakistan change their army commander, and Indian army take this phcological  advantge against them.

gen chaudhry is our Army chief but very few people knows that our Indian Pm is directly operating and commanding our Army, even when our general dnt want to start a another front against pak,  Pm said no!  we need to destroy pak, so we need more attacks from new fronts , and this is new thing in Indian History ,

in west front major general prasad (prashad participated at 2nd world war) successfully destroy pakistan army and they cross the international border first , after few days Pakistan Army surrendered , and we create a history.

at the same point USA appeal India to stop war, and after the enterfare of russia and usa we stop our army but pakistan motto is still bad, so we are ready to teach them good lesson ,


Indian Army with american patton tank (pak)
we lost our 3o tops n tank and we destroyed 100 of pakistan tanks n tops and we got /win pakistan 87 tanks n tops ,

time magazine wrote about the situation, war in Asia,


and finally 22 sep 1965 the war stopped and declared  Indian win , we lost our 3000 army in that war, we have proud of them and we always remember our brave army mens

jai Hind jai hind ki sena

Vishal shresth

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शिक्षक दिवस कि सार्थक्ता (5 september Teacher’s Day)

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vishal shresth

गुरु रे ब्रम्हा गरु रे विषनू  गुरु रे देवो महेषवर​:

गुरु रे सांछात पब्रम्हा तस्मेः श्रि गुरुबे नम​:


गुरु हि ब्रह्मा है, गुरु हि विश्नु है, गुरु हि देव महेश है ,

गुरु हि सक्छात परमेश्वेर है, एसे गुरु को मेरा सत सत नमन ॥


शिक्षक दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाओ के साथ अपना पोस्त्\गद्य कि शृरुवात करना पसन्द करुंगा,

हमारे भारत मे  गुरू होते थे और शिष्य ! दोनो मे अघाद्य प्रेम कि परम्परा रहि है, अपना यह देश परम्परओं का देश है और परम्परा एक धारा होती है , नदि कि अविरल धारा, जो निरन्तर अविकल बहती है नदि कि अविरल धारा समय के सथ-साथ अब बदल गयी है,

अब ये परम्परा  गुरु-परम्परा   खत्म होति प्रतित हो रहि है, गुरू और शिष्य ! दोनो मे अघाद्य प्रेम कि परम्परा और निस्वार्थ शिछा देने कि भावना खत्म होति प्रतित हो रहि है, अब  गुरु तो रहे नही शिछक मिल्ते…

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